Somewhere in the late 70's, between learning how to drive and discovering penny drinks at the
Arcadia Ballroom in New Haven, CT., I stumbled upon a band which forever changed the way I heard music.

TheNew Rhythm and Blues Quartet, better known as N.R.B.Q., has been an active, creative force in the American music scene since the mid sixties. Combining any and all genres of music, NRBQ runs the gamut into the stratosphere and straight back again. The eclectic playfulness of one tune often finds itself interspersed between soulful jazz, all out rockin' R&R, and straight ahead rhythm and blues. Yes indeed, the 'musician's musicians' straight up with a brilliant touch of magic!

The band has taken on various personnel formations over the years. Today, founding members, pianist Terry Adams and bassist Joey Spampinato, along with Joey's younger brother Johnny (on guitar) and drummer Tommy Ardolino are NRBQ. During the 70's and 80's, NRBQ included the Whole Wheat Horns, comprised of Terry's brother Donn on trombone, and Keith Spring on saxophone. Sometimes the late, wonderful and wacky Gary Windo, also on saxophone, would come along for the ride. These days, the 'Q mostly perform as a quartet but ya never know who just might show up.

This page is assembled with two things in mind. Firstly, to give back to this band of musicians a
small something, a token of my appreciation for more than two decades of happiness and joy I
have personally experienced through their music and, secondly, to hopefully turn someone else
on to what is often referred to as the music world's best kept secret. Well, it's time to let the cat
out of the bag. NRBQ rocks my world and if you give 'em a listen, they'll do the same for you.
NRBQ is more than music, it's a feeling . . . Do You Feel It?

With Love,